A great many designers of advertising campaigns simply do not understand the many different advertising options available in car parks. Campaigns can reach potential consumers across a very wide spectrum with very high purchasing power. In an environment relatively free of advertising,  advertising of all kinds is possible in all car parks managed by APCOA in Switzerland. Project designers are the ones who decide how many contacts a campaign is to have. APCOA can advise you on the selection of media and location, on placement and production.

Media on TV

A new and innovativ form of Advertising Sales. A Full-HD-Display is integrated in a City Light. Placed at the cachier system and entrances or exits of the parking. The input of your Adverts will be transferred by remote data transmission. The high attention will be created by motion pictures.

Luminous strips

There are virtually no limits to size and shape. Fully illuminated design transparents that convey your advertising message to potential customers ultra-attractively. The APCOA team would be pleased to inform you about further options

City light poster (CLP)

City Lights are an attractive space for campaigns in very busy areas, like entrances and exits. Fully illuminated and unique "eye-catchers" to communicate your advertising message.

Barrier advertising

An effective attention-grabbing top advertising medium at entrance and exit barriers. It is impossible to overlook these advertising media. Every driver looking for a parking bay spends time here when completing the ticket process. This "package" (complete entrance and exit barriers) greets and bids farewell to your potential customers.

Ticket advertising

Vouchers, remuneration of your parking charge and many other options are available here: there are no limits to your creativity. Hundreds of thousands of inexpensive and attention-grabbing possible advertising opportunities.

Parking level advertising

Parking level advertising is an impressive advertising method with a direct relation to parkers. Benefits for parking customers are also benefits for you – customers will take notice of YOUR products/company and not just the parking bay number.


Handing out give-aways, distribution of flyers at entrances and exits or including entire parking levels within one promotion are options for direct customer contact. The benefit is that customers perceive your product/company in a positive manner.

Column advertising

Long-term advertising with a lasting and unforgettable effect. Targeted advertising is possible, as columns can be branded in almost every car park. Makes every trip into a car park a quite unique experience.

Display advertising

Modern technology with screen management Your advertising messages will be shown on displays in the form of slide shows. The high number of user contacts and the attractiveness of the advertising message make this medium particularly interesting to advertisers.


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