An overview of the APCOA business sectors:

Airport parking

APCOA successfully manages parking, taxi, shuttle buses at many airports in Europe, offering special services like e-business and attractive additional offers at all locations.

City and shopping centres

APCOA actively operates and markets car parks in shopping and city centres, as these compete directly with neighbouring car parks and are an advertising space for the entire area.

Trade fairs, events and conference centres

At more than 100 overground and multi-storey car parks, APCOA ensures traffic jam-free management of large volumes of traffic during peak times.

Park and ride

APCOA combines individual and local public transport with environmentally-friendly concepts in 126 European locations.


Many large international hotel chains are aware of how important optimal car park operation is for the hotel's image. Therefore APCOA already looks after hotel car parks in 57 European locations such as the Marriott Warsaw, Hilton Heathrow and Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden.

Hospitals & Clinics

Car parks constitute an additional source of income for hospitals. The aim is to manage the high proportion of long-term parking for hospital & clinic personnel, ensure good access for ambulances and manage the planning and financing of car parks.

On-street parking

At many on-street locations in Europe, APCOA ensures adherence to parking restrictions in public streets on behalf of cities and municipalities. Our services include the installation and operation of ticket machines, parking time monitoring, penalty fees collection and removing towing and storing vehicles.

Park and control

At more than 3.500 private locations in Europe, PARK & CONTROL PAC GmbH, takes care of car park surveillance. Parking disc regulations and so-called "Pay and display" machines are used in these locations.